Friday, 15 November 2013

'Tis The Season (almost)

It has been a long and tough year around these parts so we have made a unanimous family decision to start our festive bits early.
We're in need of some Christmas cheer.
Normally we wait until 1st December but not this year.
Our decorations and festive bits will be up and about tomorrow - yep, halfway through November.

Today I finished a Christmas Santa sack for a nephew which will soon be in the post.
Isn't Santa a clever old chap.  He remembers each family's particular tradition.
For us it is santa sacks at the end of the bed,
For others it is stockings in the lounge room,
For some it is wrapped gifts under a tree.
Friends of ours each have a Santa chair where Santa leaves unwrapped gifts for them.
I love the little family traditions that Christmas brings - it makes it even more special.

So tomorrow we will find the decorations (hopefully), dust them off and decide how we will decorate this different house in a different part of the country.
We'll smile at all of the handmade kinder decorations that are placed on the tree every year even though kinder was years ago.
We'll remember each decoration in the box.
The kids will know who bought what and when as each year they choose one new decoration to add to the mix.
We'll laugh at the fact that ours is not a coordinated, decorated or well designed christmas but rather a mismatch of every Christmas that we have had together.
And we like it that way.

I hope there is some cheer (be it Christmas or whatever else you celebrate at this time of the year) at your place too.

Jenny x

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