Friday, 14 June 2013

Fancy that - finished something

Had a burst on the clickety-clackers and finished the blue scarf that was started ... hmmm,  was it last winter?
Made for a man that doesn't feel the cold, doesn't really fancy scarves and who know lives in a state where the average winter temperature to date has been a sunny 20 degrees*.
Probably should have thought this through before I started it.
Wool from Bendigo Woollen Mills,
Pattern Heirloom 342 "flag scarf"

Ah well. He did wear it the other night whilst sitting at the table doing some work just to say it had been worn. Bless him.

*Who knew winter could be like this? No drizzle and no icy, 'so cold it hurts' wind.


  1. It looks lovely, could do with it here - freezing....

  2. Oh - fancy that.... I found time to catch up on blog-reading...! Very impressed by the finish. Mostly, thinking how warm and snuggly that looks.... Winter is BITING in Melbourne this week!


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