Wednesday, 13 June 2012

A New Little Man

Lots of excitement here as our newest family member arrived on Monday!
My sister had a baby on Monday - in the ambulance parked in her driveway!
Everyone is happy and well and getting to know each other.
Unfortunately we're waiting for our colds and flu to disappear before we can smother him with kisses and cuddles.

I bought this fabric a while ago just in case (and yes I bought girly bits too - can you ever have too much fabric ???).  
From the speed of his arrival, I think racing cars might be more his style rather than elephants!

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Snuffly butterflies

It's a world of wuffly snuffles here with the smallest home again today with the lurgy.
As she has grown SO much and has an aversion to jeans (or anything that I purchase these days) it has been a good opportunity to let her rummage through the stash and make her own design choices - the theory being that she may actually wear final product rather than use it as a defiant door stop in a very messy bedroom ... here's hoping...
After much discussion and she settled on various types of butterflies that I didn't even know were in the stash!
She helped with some cutting and ironing and then became very bored with it all and preferred to sniffle through a DVD on the couch.  The pefect place to be when the lurgy strikes!
Long sleeve t-shirt - basics range from Big W, applique circle of chosen fabric then highlighted with running stitch in perle 8 cotton.

(you can tell from the blurry image that despite having the lurgy, my model doesn't like to stay still)

Skirt - basic a-line shape with elastic waist and machine hem (all about quick and easy here).  Circles of fabric ironed into place with visoflex and then hand stitched with perle 8 running stitch.

She has given the finished products the thumbs up but we'll wait to see if she'll actually wear them.

Hope you and yours are lurgy free.
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