Monday, 26 March 2012

Gifts for Mavis

Hot off the press a throw rug and a little button through T-shirt for Mavis who joined the world last month.

Friday, 23 March 2012


It IS OK to buy a little gift for yourself .... occassionally .... for no reason .... isn't it ??

Arrived today, made by the very clever Lauren and found at her Made It Shop.

I love it. Thanks Lauren!

Sssshh. If anyone asks it has been in the cupboard for ages...

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Like riding a bike ....

The last time I used the knitting sticks was when grunge was go, hair was permed and pert was a word that I could use in reference to myself.

It has been a while.

Yesterday I spent 7 hours being Mum's chemo buddy. We take turns and all love it - when you are 1 of 5 kids having mum to yourself is a rare and special thing.

I had a one on one tutorial with an expert.

Knitting is like riding a bike.

And very therapeutic.

Crochet not so much. It made my brain hurt and my Mum laugh.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Putting it out there ... a little request for help

Hello lovely people,

Sometimes I find it very difficult to pronounce the word 'no' and probably don't really think things through.

For example last week I said ... "Why don't we have a handmade craft stall at the school fair ? Sure, I'll make heaps of stuff and help organise it. When is it again ???? In 8 weeks ???"

THUD! Yep, my jaw hit the floor.

BANG! That would be my sanity slamming the door on it's way out!

I've put the call out to the school community for helpers - I'm trying to bribe them with cake and chocolate on Friday morning. And there are smiling faces promising to help which is wonderful.

But I need ideas and I know you guys have LOTS of them.

This is a little call out to please share your brilliance or links to things that are quick, easy and will hopefully sell.

Thanks for your help!!

(I'm off to try and find my sanity - maybe it's hiding under the bed ...)