Friday, 29 April 2016

Hello again and a macrame flashback

Hellooooooo (insert echoing hollow sound as if calling into a vacant, empty, warehouse)

It has been a long time since I've popped in here.

I don't have excuses and it may be a long time before I next pop up here but hey, such is life.

Let's just live in the moment and try not to choke on the dust that is this neglected blog.

I have been channeling my primary school years and have indulged in some macrame knotting.

Yes, it is a bit out there but it fits some criteria that I like:

Simple - suits my limited ability to concentrate,
Quick - suits my desire to finish something quickly, which in combination with a short attention span has lead to a growing pile of unfinished projects,
Fun - It is pretty cool watching something grow quickly in front of your eyes.

For inspiration check out Sally England.  Her stuff is amazing!!!

Whilst I am far from being an expert (a pot holder when in grade 4 & a wonky wall hanging clearly show that) here are some things I have learnt ...

Macrame wall hangings:

  • are really heavy! - who knew ?!?!
  • use WAY more rope than you think they will - I completely underestimated this which is why it is much shorter than the image I had in my head
  • are quite therapeutic
  • give you a little arm work out as you go
Do you think there is a maximum number of macrame wall hangings that you can have in a house before it gets a little weird?  

Have a go you'll love it!

J x

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