Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Today ...

Today it is wildy wet & windy.

From here we can usually see down the hill to the ocean but not today.  In fact since I have taken this pic the skies have opened, rain is belting in sideways and the wind has picked up.  I can barely see the houses over the road and the trees are dancing limbo with each other.

Even the basketball ring is having a little lie down so it doesn't dance through a window.

The dog and I are gratefully bunkered down inside waiting for this to cook so the hungry hoards have something to eat after school.

I'm not looking forward to the school run.  Think we may get a little damp …..

How about you? How is your 'today' ?

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Click Clack Clacking

One big boy beanie for a little brother's head is finished and in the post.

Modelled by a reluctant Mr who is wearing a t-shirt - a Perth winter is very different to a Melbourne winter and this is why I am posting these goodies back to Victoria.  Not a lot of need for them here.

One Miura Cowel for my sister finished too.

The youngest girl, despite the fact that she is still wearing shorts and t-shirts most of the time, has requested I make her a beanie as the next project.

Quite enjoying the clickety-clacks although my neck is getting a bit stiff and sore - I'm a tense little knitter.
Must remember to relax the shoulders and look up occasionally otherwise my neck will seize up and my head will probably explode.
That would just be messy.

… calm blue ocean … relax … calm blue ocean … relax … calm blue ocean ...